Protein engineering and production are essential tools for structural, biophysical and functional studies as well as for biotechnology and medical applications. Although strategies and technologies to produce proteins and complexes have tremendously been improved, in many cases protein production remains a challenge. Know-how of the numerous systems used for protein production is often the key parameter to solve quickly and efficiently bottlenecks.

The meeting is dedicated to modern methods in sample preparation and characterization of proteins for structural studies. It will cover state-of-arts strategies used to answer challenges associated with sample preparation for structural and biochemical studies.

Technologies for identification of endogenous macromolecular complexes and their ligands, production/ reconstitution of recombinant complexes and for biophysical characterization of large nucleoprotein complexes and membrane assemblies will be presented.

Lectures will also include applications that illustrate the impact of directed evolution for sample optimization and synthetic biology for analysis of large assemblies whose activities can be regulated upon ligand binding or by post-translational modifications.

The meeting will be divided in two parts: a symposium and a practical workshop.

Registration to the symposium is free but mandatory. Places are limited and are given in a first come, first served basis.
Deadline for registration: October 2014, 27th



Simone CIOFI, CERM, Florence, Italy - Wojciech GALEJ, MRC, Cambridge, UK - Alexandre GIULIANI, SOLEIL, Paris, France - Paola GRANDI, Cellzome, Heidelberg, Germany - Sylvestre MARILLONNET, ICON Genetics, Halle, Germany - Heinz NEUMANN, University of Göttingen, Germany - Ray OWENS, University of Oxford,UK - Arnaud POTERSZMAN, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France - Marc RUFF, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France - Bertrand SERAPHIN, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France - Rémy SOUNIER, IGF, Montpellier, France - Jan STEYAERT, VIB, Gent, Belgium - Gilles TRAVE, ESBS, Strasbourg, France - Joop van den HEUVEL, Helmholtz Center, Braunschweig, Germany - Renaud VINCENTELLI, AFMB, Marseille, France

Poster session:
We invite researchers to actively participate in the meeting conference by submitting abstracts for poster presentation. Four abstracts will be selected for a short oral presentation.
Poster abstract submission has to be done online after registration.
Deadline for poster abstract submission: November 2014, 3rd

Practical workshop

14 participants will be encouraged to actively participate to the practical training.
This practical session will focus on strategies for recombinant expression of proteins and complexes from construct design to large scale production with an emphasis on methods to study complex and difficult targets. Hands-on experiments will target over-expression of recombinant assemblies in eukaryotic cells using two viral expression systems: the baculo and the vaccinia virus expression systems (insect and mammalian cells, respectively).

For more information and application : Practical Workshop

Deadline for application: October 2014, 27th








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